Guides to Remove Virus Thoroughly

By | May 11, 2016

Is your computer acting more and more weird with random commercial or unwanted pop up windows?If your are questioning what is this about, then the answer is that your computer is infected by redirect virus. This redirect threat is a nasty browser infection that can be implanted on some free programs you download or install from unofficial and unknown sites.

Introduction of Redirect Virus is categorized as an redirect virus which is a big threat to Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. It makes forcible change on the infected computer as changing start page of Google secretly. Also, it will do the same thing to the search engine without asking for any authorization.

Under the purpose of getting money by showing related commercial ads, this redirect will invade and replace your search results. Those information or ads displayed by this threat is useless to users, instead, they will reduce the performance speed and use up system resources. As a result, users will be bothered by tons of pop ups.

Worst of all, because of the hijack of this threat, you will be redirected to unwanted sites which are possible used for Trojan delivery and forcible Rootkits installation. It s very dangerous if criminals use these Trojan or Rootkies to perform evil activities. By using Trojan or Rootkies, hackers are able to get remote control over your computer and then take the chance to record your personal detail as search keywords and bank accounts. It is necessary to take quick actions to remove to avoid further loss and troubles.

Troubles Brought by

Frequent appearance of blue screen, error massage and death errors which will result in system restart.
The infected system will need to longer time to load.
It takes more time to complete a mundane task.
A lot of shortcuts and ads will jump out and fill up the screen.
The windows defender and security firewall are blocked.
It is not possible to use windows firewall for computer protection and utilize Microsoft Security to stop browser redirects.
Internet-based PC games and social media ads replace the latest browser tabs.
High consumption of system resources and network.
can not build any remote control on the system.

How does Invade your PC

In general, redirect virus as enters the target computer by bundling with freeware or shareware which can be downloaded everywhere throughout the internet at present. Most of time, it inserts its related codes into the installation package of third party applications and make itself be activated during the installation. It catch the chance to invade the target computer when innocent users download those infected freeware from some malicious sites and unofficial sites. Furthermore, it often makes use of email attachments, P2P files and sponsored links hide in commercial pages to sneak into target machine. Consequently, you would better keep away from unreliable sites which are probable contain this adware and stop your computer from being attacked by such threat.

Guides to Remove Virus Thoroughly

Note: the manual removal is not safe enough for inexperienced computer users who do not have any computer skills and removal practices. To these users, we recommend to download auto-fix tool.


If you still want to try manual removal, do follow the steps one by one. Do be careful when you are removing system files and registry.

Step 1: Uninstall from Control Panel
1.Press Windows and R keys to open Run command.2
2.Type in appwiz.cpl and click OK.

3.Highlight and click Uninstall/ Change or Uninstall to remove it from the system.4
Note: If you’re using OS X, click Go button at the top left of the screen and click Applications.
When Application folder opens, find Right click on it and click Move to Trash

Step 2: Uninstall from Internet Explorer
* Uninstall from Firefox

1 – Open Firefox explore.


2 – Click “Open Menu” on the right-top and click “Options” open “Options” panel.


3 – Click “General” tab.


4 – Delete homepage link and set a new homepage link. Or click “Restore to Default”.


5 – Click “OK”.


6 – Restart Firefox explore.

7 – Restart your computer after completing all the above steps.

* Uninstall from Internet Explorer

1 – Open IE Explore.

2 – Click “Tools->Internet Options”,Open “Internet Options” panel.


3 – Click “General” tab.2

4 – Delete homepage link and set a new homepage link,or click “Use blank”.3

5 – Click “Apply” or “OK” on “Internet Opens” panel to save the changes.4

6 – Restart your computer after completing all the above steps.

* Uninstall from Chrome

1 – Open Chrome explore.

2 – Click “Customize and control Google Chrome” in the right-top of the page and click “Setting”.1

3 – Click “Set pages” link of “On startup” 2

->delete homepage link ->click “OK”.


4 – Restart Chrome explore.

5 – Restart your computer after completing all the above steps.

(Optional): Reset Chrome, Firefox and IE settings:

Reset Chrome settings
1. Click Chrome Menu button >> click Settings1
2. In search box, type “reset setting” >> click “Reset settings” button: 1
3. Click Reset button.

Reset Firefox settings
1. Click Firefox Menu button >> click “Open Help Menu” button >> click Troubleshooting 1Information button:
2. Click Refresh Firefox button >> click Finish.1
Reset Internet Explorer settings
1. Open IE >> click the gear menu button, and select Internet options.

2. Click Advanced tab >> click Reset button.


How to Stop Infections

Open the Internet Firewall on your PC.
Update your PC operating system.
Install the newest version of all programs installed on your system.
Make the user privileges be limited.
Be careful when receive some unknown emails.
Pay attention to the links you are going to click.
Prevent malicious programs from unsafe sites
Avoid social privacy theft.
Utilize powerful password.


There will not be a end for redirect virus to damage the infected computer, so users need to take actions to stop its further damage before too late. It can secure you computer on condition that you stop the installation of such redirect threat from downloading and installing. Most of time, redirect virus is able to infiltrate onto the target computer by making use of other downloads or acting like a legitimate program to trick users into installing it. To protect the computer, users need to use anti-virus program to stop the attack. Moreover, perform a entire system scan every now and then to detect potential threats. Next, be vigilant when downloading and installing to check if there is other malicious bundles come along with target programs. Such steps can make prevent computer threats from being downloading without permission.

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