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By | April 28, 2016

Is there a strange site named on your computer and change your start page without your agreement? Being redirected to some malicious websites after clicking on the fake search results or some insecure links showed on the search results? It is a sign that your computer is probably affected by redirect infection. It will bring more and more troubles to your computer unless you take quick actions to remove it now. This post will show you the detail about how to remove such redirect virus

What is

Without question, is a redirect virus that has the ability to infect target computer secretly and focuses on attacking Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer bit by bit. Generally, it is implanted onto p2p files, phishing sites, email attachments and third party programs that can be downloaded from the internet freely. One of the most annoying things it will do after the installation is to change homepage as well as search engine which can trigger troubles during surfing. The unidentified interface which is similar to legitimate sites helps it cover the true purpose of recording browsing data and popping unrelated search results. It runs in the back door when the infected browser is running and reduce your browser performance at the same time.

Additionally, stops you from visiting other legal sites and automatically make you get access to some malicious sites which will make you confuse. Those sites ought to be avoided for they contain dangerous contents and computer threats which are harmful to the system.It will achieve its malicious purpose by recording browsing correlation, gathering private information and copying all useful privacy. In order to remove this redirect, you would better take effective action immediately.

Troubles Embedded by

This redirect virus will introduce numerous computer troubles. You may encounter amny problems as forcible redirection when you are searching, modification of browser settings, appearance of pop ups on the screen when you are browsing, installation of unwanted toolbar with malicious extensions and plug-ins. It targets on all major browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Otherwise, it can act as attachment to all browsers along with malicious plug-in and extensions.

How can Your Computer Being Infected

Many victims reported that their computer is infected by browser virus which can enter the computer system without any authorization. The attacks of those browser redirect virus are invisible. Under this situation,victims may have no idea about how to deal with such virus. Usually, redirect virus comes under many ways.
1. It can bundle with third party applications and performs its installation when other programs are installing onto the computer system.
2. It can be distributed via spam email attachments which looks nothing malicious.
3. It can hides behind suspicious links. Its creators and developers can implant it into those hijacked sites.
4. It can be downloaded from different sites which can be already controlled by Cyber criminals.

How to Remove Manually

Note: the manual removal is not safe enough for inexperienced computer users who do not have any computer skills and removal practices. To these users, we recommend to download auto-fix tool.


If you still want to try manual removal, do follow the steps one by one. Do be careful when you are removing system files and registry.

Step 1: Restart your computer in safe mode.

Windows 8
Restart your infected computer and press Ctrl + Alt + Del keys together while the machine is booting up.1

Press Shift key and click ‘shut down’ icon at once on the pop-up screen.

Press restart button to access ‘Choose An Option’ screen.
Next select ‘Troubleshoot’ before ‘Advance Options’.2

Select ‘Windows Startup settings’ in the next window to continue.
Then press Shift key and click on ‘Restart’ button again to select ‘Enable Safe Mode’.

Windows 7/Vista/XP
Restart system and keep tapping “F8” key before Windows loads.


When “Advanced Options Menu” starts, you can use your arrow keys to highlight ‘Safe Mode with Networking” option, and then press Enter key to proceed.1
Step two. Remove from Internet Explorer, Chrome & Firefox.
To ensure that “” infection is completely removed from your Internet browser, reset your Internet Browser Settings to default.
Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox

Internet Explorer
Remove from Internet Explorer
1. From Internet Explorer main menu, click: “Tools ” and choose “Internet Options“.1
2. At “General” tab, delete the unwanted homepage (…) from “Home page” box & type your preferred Home Page (e.g. and press “OK”.11
3. From“Tools” menu, choose “Manage Add-ons” .

4. On “Search Providers” options, choose and “Set as default” a search provider other than the unwanted search provider “”.

5. Then choose the unwanted search provider “” & click Remove.

6. Choose “Toolbars and Extensions”on the left pane.

7. “Disable” any unwanted toolbar or extension from “” publisher.
Extensions to disable/remove in this case:

8. Close all Internet Explorer windows and restart Internet Explorer.

Google Chrome

Remove infection from Chrome
1. Open Google Chrome and go to chrome menu and choose “Settings“.

2. Find the “On startup” section and choose “Set Pages“.

3. Delete the from startup pages by pressing the “X” symbol on the right.

4. Set your preferred startup page (e.g. and press “OK“.

5. Under “Appearance” section, check to enable the “Show Home button” option and choose “Change”.

6. Delete the “ ” entry from “Open this page” box.

7. Type (if you like) your preferred webpage to open when you press your “Home page” button (e.g. or leave this field blank and press “OK”.
8. Go to “Search” section and choose “Manage search engines“.

9. Choose your preferred default search engine (e.g. Google search) and press “Make default“.

10. Then choose the unwanted ( search engine and remove it by pressing the “X” symbol at the right.
Choose “Done” to close “Search engines” window.
11.Choose “Extensions” on the left.

12.In “Extensions” options, remove the unwanted extension by clicking the recycle icon on the right.
13.Close all Google Chrome windows and restart Chrome.
Mozilla Firefox
Remove from Firefox.
1. Click on “Firefox” menu button and click “Options”.

2. In “General” tab, delete the unwanted homepage: “…” from “Home Page” box & type your preferred homepage (e.g. *55
* Press “OK” when finished.
3. From Firefox menu, go to “Tools” > “Manage Add-ons”.

4. Choose “Extensions” on the left pane.

5. Remove any unwanted extension (e.g. “”), by pressing the “Remove” button.
6. Close all Firefox windows and restart Firefox.
7. On Firefox URL box, type the following command: about:config & press Enter.

8. Click at “I’ll be careful, I promise” button.

9. In the search box, type: “” & press Enter.

10. Now right-click on every “” value found & select “Reset”.
11. Close all Firefox windows and restart Firefox.

Tip for Computer Protection

It is necessary to be way from unsafe sites.
Do pay attention to unknown emails. Delete those unknown emails immediately and report the to be spam.
It is recommended to download third party programs from their official sites.
Update your security programs and download anti-virus program if you do not have one for further protection and virus removal.

Sum up: redirect virus alters the default homepage and search page forcibly after its secretly installation. Being consistent with other browser redirect treats, it forces you to get access to unwanted sites and help criminals earn money. Most of time, it is spread though bundling with free downloads, malicious emails and attachments. It can hides deep inside your computer system due to its stubborn features. The troubles triggered by it can not be solved easily even you have deleted all its related files. It does not make sense if you try to change browsers for stopping redirect attacks. The wisest choice to deal with such attacks is to download a trustworthy and powerful security tool to protect your computer. Security tool can help you find out all the malicious files and removal all of them at once automatically.

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