Steps to Remove Redirect Virus

By | May 19, 2016

Does the start page of your Google Chrome or IE change to Wandering why and how can this happen to your computer? Realizing that your search results are replaced by some unwanted websites? Annoyed by a lot of pop ups during surfing the internet? Undoubtedly, it tells you that there is a malicious redirect virus stays on your computer and you should take actions to remove as soon as possible. Hurry to find an effective solution? Do worry, this post will give the detail about what you need.

What is

Without question, is a redirect virus that has the ability to infect target computer secretly and focuses on attacking Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer bit by bit. Generally, it is implanted onto p2p files, phishing sites, email attachments and third party programs that can be downloaded from the internet freely. One of the most annoying things it will do after the installation is to change homepage as well as search engine which can trigger troubles during surfing. The unidentified interface which is similar to legitimate sites helps it cover the true purpose of recording browsing data and popping unrelated search results. It runs in the back door when the infected browser is running and reduce your browser performance at the same time.

Additionally, stops you from visiting other legal sites and automatically make you get access to some malicious sites which will make you confuse. Those sites ought to be avoided for they contain dangerous contents and computer threats which are harmful to the system.It will achieve its malicious purpose by recording browsing correlation, gathering private information and copying all useful privacy. In order to remove this redirect, you would better take effective action immediately.

What will do

It shows a lot of advertisements to disturb you when you are surfing.
It changes the default homepage and other browser settings.
It introduces additional add-ons and toolbar.
It gathers user’s browsing information and trace user’s browsing activities.
It collects privacy and sends to remote hackers so as to make profits.

Ways Invades Your PC

This redirect threat is capable of utilizing variety channels to sneak into target computer. Most of time, it is bundled with free download as freeware and shareware, and the video players or programs in particular. Under the situation that you scan the installation process too fast and do not check the bundles, you can easily install some unrelated items. Also, redirect virus can be delivered through attaching on the spam email and hiding in the third party downloads.

Steps to Remove Redirect Virus

Note: the manual removal is not safe enough for inexperienced computer users who do not have any computer skills and removal practices. To these users, we recommend to download auto-fix tool.


If you still want to try manual removal, do follow the steps one by one. Do be careful when you are removing system files and registry.

Step 1: Uninstall from Control Panel
1.Press Windows and R keys to open Run command.2
2.Type in appwiz.cpl and click OK.

3.Highlight and click Uninstall/ Change or Uninstall to remove it from the system.4
Note: If you’re using OS X, click Go button at the top left of the screen and click Applications.
When Application folder opens, find Right click on it and click Move to Trash

Step 2: Uninstall from Internet Explorer
* Uninstall from Firefox

1 – Open Firefox explore.


2 – Click “Open Menu” on the right-top and click “Options” open “Options” panel.


3 – Click “General” tab.


4 – Delete homepage link and set a new homepage link. Or click “Restore to Default”.


5 – Click “OK”.


6 – Restart Firefox explore.

7 – Restart your computer after completing all the above steps.

* Uninstall from Internet Explorer

1 – Open IE Explore.

2 – Click “Tools->Internet Options”,Open “Internet Options” panel.


3 – Click “General” tab.2

4 – Delete homepage link and set a new homepage link,or click “Use blank”.3

5 – Click “Apply” or “OK” on “Internet Opens” panel to save the changes.4

6 – Restart your computer after completing all the above steps.

* Uninstall from Chrome

1 – Open Chrome explore.

2 – Click “Customize and control Google Chrome” in the right-top of the page and click “Setting”.1

3 – Click “Set pages” link of “On startup” 2

->delete homepage link ->click “OK”.


4 – Restart Chrome explore.

5 – Restart your computer after completing all the above steps.

(Optional): Reset Chrome, Firefox and IE settings:

Reset Chrome settings
1. Click Chrome Menu button >> click Settings1
2. In search box, type “reset setting” >> click “Reset settings” button: 1
3. Click Reset button.

Reset Firefox settings
1. Click Firefox Menu button >> click “Open Help Menu” button >> click Troubleshooting 1Information button:
2. Click Refresh Firefox button >> click Finish.1
Reset Internet Explorer settings
1. Open IE >> click the gear menu button, and select Internet options.

2. Click Advanced tab >> click Reset button.


Tips for PC Care

It is important for you to remember that do keep away from browser redirect while surfing if you want to secure your PC. As browser redirect virus usually comes along with third party downloads, it gives you a chance to avoid them at the beginning. But most of time, you may select the optional installation due to urgency or carelessness. Hence, it is necessary to be cautious during the installation and reject malicious installations.

Summary will take advantage of the occasion when you are getting access to some insecure sites or installing malicious programs. It may alter your browser settings without being noticed by you after the installation. Keep your computer healthy and do not be fooled by it for this redirect will provide you with unwanted links and pop ups. All main browsers as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome as well as IE will be infected one by one.

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